OTF Bylaws

OTF Bylaws – approve at the 2016 Annual Meeting

OTF Final Bylaws 2016



Annual Meeting Materials/Presentations

Adam Davis –

Oregon Transportation Forum–Presentation–November 2017

Travis Brouwer – ODOT

Value pricing presentation to OTF 11-17

Dan Whelan – Cong. DeFazio

2017-09-08 Fact sheet on HR 2997 Updated

2017-04-05 FACT H.R. 1908 Unlocking the HMTF FINAL

2017-03-01 FACT H.R. 1265 (PFC)_3

A Penny for Progress Summary (FINAL)_1

HB2017 – List of Technical Fixes –

HB 2017 List of Technical Corrections (10-04-17)

Fuels Tax Calculator

Rep Bentz gave his presentation about what people actually pay in gas tax.  ODOT was able to isolate a calculator that others can use or share.

How much do you pay?